Call for Papers

Special issue on: The economics of Covid and other pandemics.

As a contribution to the ongoing worldwide economic research on epidemics in general and on the current Covid‐19 pandemic in particular, the Journal of Public Economic Theory is inviting submissions related to the numerous public economics issues acutely raised by the current health crisis.

The following topics are clearly of interest (but consideration will not be exclusively limited to these):

  • Normative versus positive foundations of epidemic control policies;
  • Optimal design of health systems in the face of epidemic uncertainty;
  • Network diffusion of epidemics and epidemic control on networks;
  • Game‐theoretic frameworks for the analysis of epidemic diffusion and epidemic control;
  • Private and social incentives for prevention and containment.

Submitted papers need not be fully theoretical, although as per usual JPET guidelines, a significant theoretical component is expected for publication.

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