Announcement and Call for Papers

The Center for Behavioral Institutional Design (C-BID),  New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), in conjunction with the Association for Public Economic Theory (APET), plan to hold a conference, scheduled to begin on Thursday December 16th, 2021 at NYUAD with a welcome reception and conclude on December 19th with a luncheon.  Papers in all areas of behavioral and experimental economics, mechanism design, public economic theory, and other related fields, including, game theory and social choice, among others, are invited.  Submission details, and other information, will be posted as they become available.   This in-person conference will provide researchers from behavioral economics and public economics an opportunity to interact and benefit from cross-fertilization of ideas.

We hope that you will pencil this event in on your calendar and, if all goes well with travel and Covid, we hope that we will see you at NYUAD in December.

More information, including the list of plenary speakers will be announced later.

We are planning special events, including visits to outstanding attractions in Abu Dhabi, such as the Abu Dhabi Louvre, and/or the Grand Mosque and dinners in beautiful venues.

The weather in Abu Dhabi in December is wonderful.  At least one dinner will be outside, where people can eat, drink. and wander around to meet old friends and make new ones.

The Organizers

C-BID Researchers:  Olivier Bochet, Nikos Nikiforakis, Ernesto Reuben and John Wooders

APET Executive:  Myrna Wooders (President), Rabah Amir, Cuong Le Van, Gareth Myles, Frank Page

For further information on C-BID see

and, for APET, see

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