The Hijjas Kasturi Architecture Prize

The establishment of the prize is in recognition of Mr Hijjas Katsuri’s contribution to the Architectural profession and for his close connection to the University of Adelaide.

Whereas Mr Hijjas Kasturi, has agreed to provide for an annual prize of $2,500 to the final year student studying for the Masters of Architecture in the School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Adelaide.

Awarded to the final year student studying full time Master of Architecture. This evaluation will be based on the cumulative marks achieved through the professional degree for core courses (two-years of the Master of Architecture).

Note:  The Hijjas Kasturi Architecture prize will not be available from 2012.  The School acknowledges and thanks Mr Hijjas Kasturi for his contribution for this prize over the last 5 years.

2010 Winner: Enoch Liew Presented by Ms Tanya Court on behalf of Hijjas Kasturi

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