PIA Student Prize Commendation

December 2010

Commendation – Pirie Street Assessment by Stephanie Rogers, Lauren Ryder, Rona Zou and Pimpakorn Invasa.

The judges were particular impressed with the depth and detail of the analysis and the students are to be applauded for undertaking the assessment across the entire length of the street as well as during different times of the day and night. The analysis was underpinned with a solid understanding of the works of Kevin Lynch, Jan Gehl, Peter Jones and Natalya Boujenko. The interpretation of this theoretical work informed the analysis of streetscape elements, providing a solid basis on which to develop a comprehensive series of guiding principles. Beautifully illustrated and well written, the report is to be commended as an excellent example of how to go about analysing the characteristics of a street and the place of people in it. Click here to download the publication of award (page 29).

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