BARC Presents “Top Adelaide Design Graduates 2011”

BARC is back for 2012 – Kicking off on Thursday MARCH 1st with huge line-up of of the top Design Graduates from last year.

Graduates will be presenting their final year projects from both Uni SA and Adelaide University featuring Industrial Design, Interior, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

Speakers Include:
Paul Townsin (Uni SA Industrial Design)
Corinna Cannell (Uni SA Interior) (TBC)
James Thomson (Adelaide Uni LA + Arch)
Sophies Wilksch (Uni SA Arch)
Branko Jaric (Uni SA Arch)
Naomi Lam (Adelaide Uni Arch)
Will Rogers (Adelaide Uni Arch)

BARC kicks off @ 6pm upstairs on The Balcony @ The Cranker!

For further details – Adelaide Design Community Blog

All design enthusiasts welcome.

A city is reflected by the tongues at it’s bars”! – viva revolucion`

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