2nd and 3rd year offshore studio 2012 – Malaysia / Singapore

In July 2012, a group of 22 Bachelor of Design Studies students  (2nd & 3rd year)went on an architectural study tour of Malaysia and Singapore.  The trip, which was organised by Dr Peter Scriver and Dr Amit Srivastava, allowed these students who are still in their early stages of professional education to witness the amazing breath of architectural practices and settlement patterns that are available in our neighbouring Asian region.

From the dense urbanism of the global city of Singapore, to the UNESCO World Heritage settlement of Georgetown, to the complex mix of street hawkers and skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, the short tour explored the diverse range of experiences available throughout the Asian built environment.  With a list of illustrious alumni and ongoing research contacts in the region, the students were further afforded the opportunity to visit various design offices and construction facilities and experience the processes that define contemporary architecture in Malaysia and Singapore.

The School acknowledges and appreciates the generous time and assistance provided by our associates:
Mr Hijjas Kasturi (Alumni & Visiting Professor)
A/P Rob Cheesman (Adjunct Associate Professor)
Dr Lai Chee Kien (National University of Singapore)
Kevin Mark Low (Architect)
Darren Benger (Alumni)
William Chin (Alumni)
Teng Quan Zhin (Alumni)

Admiring the Singapore Skyline from atop Pinnacle @ Duxton.DS4 & 5 offshore studio 1Students at a construction site with UoA Alumni – Singapore.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 2
Dr Peter Sriver and students on a heritage documentation visit to Georgetown, Penang.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 3
A view of Penang (old and new).
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 6
Architect Kevin Mark Low and Teng Quan Zhin (Alumni) on a site vist to Gardenwall office – Kuala Lumpur.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 4
Students on a construction site visit for building designed by Hijjas Kasturi Associates.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 5
Master of Architecture / Master of Landscape Architecture student Tin Do
with Dr Amit Srivastava looking through archival drawings at Rimbun Dahan.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 6
Kuala Lumpur Skyline – Menara Telecom designed by Hijjas Kasturi Associates.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 8
Farewell dinner with Hijjas Kasturi and Angela Kasturi and other alumni at Hijjas Kasturi Associates.
DS4 & 5 offshore studio 9

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