ADELAIDE PARK(ing) Day 2012 – 3rd year Design Studies students took out the President’s Choice award!

Friday, 21st of September was Adelaide’s parking Day when a team of Adelaide University 3rd year Design Studies students took out the President’s award, beating all other entries including many of Adelaide’s top architecture firms! This is a remarkable achievement, and goes to show that our students can compete on a design level with those in the profession. The following is a description of their design concept from their face book page:

“f(o.r.m); a module that the team created as a means for the target audience to create and define their own spaces that could ultimately be inhabited as they see fit. Each individual component is recycled cardboard boxes that were discarded or perceived as a ‘waste’ product by their owner. Our goal is to give a sense of purpose and initiate another stage within the cardboard box’s functionality which we intend to use as a device to connect to a wider range of audiences. f(o.r.m) is an installation built by the community, for the community and provides a large pool of ideas. Therefore, the possibilities of the design changing and altering in structure are endless”.

The teams members team f(o.r.m)-were Matt Alfred, Peter Jaques Ayres, Tarran Barclay, Andrew Le, Oliver Johnson and Timothy Moore.

A video of ABC’s news coverage of the event can be found here, with f (o.r.m) the first park shown. The timelapse video can be viewed here.

Congratulations to all concerned and an honourable mention to the other teams who have participated in this event!

“Birthday Parky” – Andrew Burley, Louise Custance and Scott Rossiter

“Nature’s Gift” – Alan Cooper, Wee Jack Lee and Megan Leen

We look forward to ADELAIDE PARK(ing) Day 2013!

Birthday parky
Birthday Parky

Nature's gift
Nature’s gift





L-R: Tarran Barclay, Oliver Johnson, Timothy Moore, Peter Ayres, Matthew Alfred & Andrew Le


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