An Investigation of the ‘Sustainability’ Expectations of the Architecture of School Buildings from Design to Occupancy

PhD project by Linda Pearce

Linda is a registered architect, with additional qualifications and experience in engineering and business BE(Hons) BArch(Hons) Adel MBA Warw]. She is currently on a practice career break. Her main architectural interest is learning space design. Her research interests include:

  • Strategic design decision processes in the context of real world challenges
  • Systemic approaches to sustainability and sustainable development
  • Stakeholder consultation processes during design
  • Building Simulation, Integrated design, Building Information Modelling and new practice technology
  • Applying research in architectural practice

Her project investigates the systemic architectural, environmental, economic and social sustainability performance of selected school buildings in the Adelaide metropolitan area in the context of occupant activities, time, money and regulatory constraints

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