Analysing the Environmental Performance of Commercial Office Buildings

PhD project by Vanessa Menadue

Current research analyses the environmental performance of commercial office buildings given the current rise in market demand for ‘green’ design. The term ‘green building’ is intended to mean a building that is designed, constructed and operated with the specific objectives of efficient use of resources and reducing negative impact on human health providing internal environments which result in high levels of occupant satisfaction and related productivity. However to date, there has been minimal actual building performance data released publicly which verifies these objectives are being met.

The research study involves post occupancy evaluation of a number of commercial office buildings in the Adelaide CBD. The study reviews design, energy and water consumption data, internal environment monitoring and occupant surveys. The results are being analysed to investigate and identify issues effecting efficiency of building performance and occupant satisfaction.

The study will add to the current knowledge on the effect of internal environments on occupants, how these environments effect building energy and water consumption and highlight possible improvements to current policy on the design and construction of commercial office building.

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