Space, Place and Imagination in the Arabic-Islamic Tradition

PhD project by Kinda Tabbaa

Kinda’s research interests include the history and theory of landscapes and cities, Arab-Islamic landscape architecture, and the concepts of “space” and “place” in the Arab-Islamic tradition.

Kinda’s recent works have focused on landscape representation in 17th and 18th century Arabic travel writings, landscape education in the Arab world, and the development of the concept of “landscape” in modern Arab literature.

Her doctoral research is concerned with revealing the complexity involved in the concepts of “space”, “place” and “landscape” as they are articulated in the Arabic language and the intellectual context of the Arab-Islamic culture. Her study attempts to show this through a series of snap shots taken in various religious, social, cultural, and intellectual domains.

The aim of Kinda’s study is to unravel the meanings of these concepts, both in pre-modern and modern times, in order to reveal their unique linguistic, religious, intellectual, and cultural dimensions.

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