Sustainable High-rise Residential Buildings: The Context of Dhaka, Bangladesh

PhD project by Tahmina Ahsan

Tahmina is a PhD candidate from Bangladesh. She is taking time out from her role as Assistant Professor at Stamford University Bangladesh where she has been teaching since 2005. Her current research aims to develop a framework for sustainability in high-rise residential buildings in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At present there are no assessment measures. The purpose of this research is to establish appropriate criteria as well as to identify the indicators that may be used to analyse the sustainability for this building type in context. The outcomes are expected to benefit other cities which face similar problems as Dhaka in terms of their demography and socio-economic background as well as environmental problems and constraints. This research will build on Tahmina’s research carried out for her Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure from KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, for which she was awarded the Master Programme for Key Personnel in Developing Countries (MKP) scholarship from the Swedish Institute (SI).

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