Water Urbanism in Dhaka: Intervention Strategies for Reclaiming and Protecting the Water Bodies of an Eco-city

PhD project by Fahmid Ahmed

Fahmid’s research aims to understand the water-culture of the deltaic city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Water has played a powerful role in shaping the histories, societies and economics of this region. However, with the unprecedented rate of urbanisation the dialogue between water and the city has collapsed. Appropriate urban design policy is the key to achieve a sustainable city and this research aims to provide guidelines for reclaiming and protecting the city’s water bodies as well as to suggest possibilities for an integrated water system.

To this end, the study analyses the way rivers, canals and retention basins can fulfil many of the city’s needs, from mobility networks and recreational spaces to water supply for domestic and industrial uses as well as serving as a system for storm water retention and natural drainage. Therefore, this research seeks practical measures to protect Dhaka from further deterioration and reclaim the inherent character of this deltaic city.

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