Research 21 Series – How Green is Green Building?

Join the Faculty of the Professions for the upcoming Research 21 Lecture Series event with Veronica Soebarto.

A “green” building is a label applied to a building that is designed, constructed and operated in a way that will use resources efficiently and reduce the negative impact on the natural environment while providing a healthy condition for the occupants. In recent years reducing greenhouse gas emissions has often been stated as a main objective for a “green” building. We can ask ourselves however, shouldn’t all good architecture be sensitive to the surrounding environment as well as do what it’s supposed to do for those who use it?

If that is the case, then why aren’t all buildings “green”? How can we achieve “green” buildings? How do we know that a building will be “green” as expected once it is built and occupied? Are “green” buildings really “green” or is it just a lot of “greenwash”? What is the experience of those who use these buildings?

This presentation will explore these questions through examples of research conducted by the Sustainable Built Environment group at the School of Architecture and Built Environment. The presentation will discuss building performance assessments through post occupancy evaluations, monitoring and simulation of a range of buildings. It will be argued that unless we learn from what has been built and how these buildings actually “perform” and use this knowledge as input for the next round of design decision making, the term “green” building may continue to be just a label rather than a reality.

Presenter Profile

Veronica Soebarto is Associate Professor at the School of Architecture and Built Environment and leader of the Sustainable Built Environment research group. She teaches design, environmental and technological courses. Her research interests span from environmental performance assessments of buildings, building performance simulation, building and urban climate monitoring, and thermal comfort. She is currently leading an interdisciplinary research project funded by the DVC(R) Interdisciplinary Research Fund in safe design in the built environment. She holds Master of Architecture and PhD from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from University of Indonesia. She is the President of Architectural Science Association, Board member of International Building Performance Simulation Association, member of CIB W116 – Smart and Sustainable Built Environment, as well as member of Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings.

Event Details

Date:             Thursday 27 November 2014
Time:            5.30pm to 6.30pm
Venue:          Napier G03, North Terrace Campus, The University of Adelaide (see L14)
RSVP:           Please click here to RSVP                                                                                        Enquiries:

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