New in 2015 – Master of Property

In 2015, we are launching a new post graduate program for those interested in a career in property development.

The Master of Property is a two year program which aims to provide a holistic approach to the study of property. It will be South Australia’s only postgraduate property program in 2015.

So, why study property?

Because the world is becoming increasingly urbanised, which means the role of property developers is becoming more critical. A huge amount of private investment in land, buildings, offices, housing, retail and recreation facilities is taking place around the world.

Therefore, we need property developers to ensure that developments are safe, productive, sustainable and provide a high quality of accommodation for their occupiers as well as a return on investments for sponsors.

You will learn how to value land and buildings, gain insight into property law and the economics of property markets, understand the basics of project management and gain practical experience of the property development process, both in Australia and on an overseas based project. In doing so you will work with architects and planners and gain a good understanding of how land development works in the real world.

On completion of this program, you could find employment in a range of careers such as with property developers, banks and lending institutions, government agencies, real estate agencies, property consultants and companies that manage property portfolios.

As is the case with all of the School’s postgraduate programs, the program will be accredited by the relevant industry body. The Master of Property will meet full accreditation of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor (RICS) by mid 2015.

To enroll in this course an undergraduate degree is required. However, given the wide range of expertise needed in the many career paths the program leads to, we will consider applicants with a range of undergraduate qualifications.

If this sounds like this could be for you, you can find out more information here or contact us on email.

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