Student Profile: Jenna Holder

What are you studying and where did you go to High School?
I’m studying Master of Architecture/Master of Landscape Architecture, and am undertaking the final year of Architecture in 2015. I attended Seaton High School from years 8-10, and completed high school at Immanuel College.

Jenna Holder imageWhy did you choose to study the Master of Architecture/Master of Landscape Architecture?
At both Seaton and Immanuel, as well as primary school I studied Visual Art with some very supportive teachers. This passion for art, as well as an aptitude for maths and science drove me to pursue architecture.

What has the highlight (so far!) of your degree?
I’ve been exposed to some great opportunities at uni, including research with Susan Shannon into gender and registration. Another highlight has been acting as SONA representative this year- the chance to advocate for students in different forums has been really valuable.

What do you plan to do after Uni?
I’ll be seeking work in architecture- although some travel might be on the cards first!

Whose work in the industry do you most admire and why?
There are a few! I recently heard Jeremy McLeod from Breathe speak at Risk regarding The Commons- I really admire their commitment to people oriented and environmentally mindful design. I also really admire Troppo and their philosophies- I really think they embody a uniquely Australian approach. Last year while in Kakadu I stumbled upon some brand new villas designed by Troppo and it was pretty exciting to sneak in and admire the details!

What are your go-to websites for design inspiration?
I spend a lot of time perusing ArchitectureAU and Architecture and Design for Australian news, and ArchDaily for international stories. I’m also quite passionate about garment design(although I don’t get a lot of time to sew these days!) and there are a few bloggers/sewers such as Gertie Hirsch whom I follow for inspiration.

What would be your dream project?
My own house- with an unlimited budget and beachside site, naturally!

What has been the most valuable advice that has been passed on by your
It’s difficult to narrow down one piece of advice, so I’ll share a tidbit I copied down from a recent lecture by Tom Doull, who’s tutored me in both undergrad and masters: “There are certain times you can break a rule, but there has to be a good reason for it”. I think that’s a good adage to work by!

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