Congratulations to Ruidong Chang (PhD candidate)!

Congratulations to Ruidong Chang for being a winner of the 2016 National Award for Excellent Research Students Studying Overseas (国家优秀自费留学生奖学金) awarded by the Ministry of Education of China.

Being the most recognizable award for Chinese PhD students studying overseas, this award is extremely competitive. It selects the best Chinese PhD students globally across all majors and disciplines based on their overall performance. There are 501 Chinese PhD students winning this award in 2016, including students in America (163), Canada (53), Australia (41), England (40), and Singapore (37); with only two Chinese PhD students from South Australia (University of Adelaide) winning this award.

Ruidong is a PhD candidate from the China-Australia Sustainability Research Unit (School of Architecture and Built Environment) and is supervised by Professor George Zillante (Head of School), Associate Professor Veronica Soebarto, Associate Professor Jian Zuo and Professor Zhen-Yu Zhao.

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