Congratulations to the 2017 winners of the Lesley Lynn Student Design Competition to develop a proposal for a sustainable student housing at Roseworthy Campus!

FIRST PRIZE ($10,000) – “Horizontal Community” by Jingkai Wang and Zhiyun Liu

Judges’ comments:
So nice to see someone wrangling with the questions of:
– What is student housing? What is urban/ suburban/ rural – and how do we posit that for student (sharing/ communal) existence?
– How do we move beyond what we know as a usual development pattern – without alienating users? How do we make out stay in a place memorable?
The ‘space between’ is what the project is about – and movement between built elements. This is what architecture is about – about framing the environment, connecting with it at choice – and about serial events, the unfolding of spaces – it’s not about the static, about the object. In fact this scheme is almost without ‘object’ – it’s about a blend of land-form and construction. It’s about ‘design by section’ – the flow of inside to out. Architecture is strong and robust.

Units are well planned in detail. Through amalgamation of the units the solution maximises usable open space. There is connection with the spaces paces between – and the northern forest. This scheme has the best developed accommodation solutions. High level of amenity through clear rational planning.

Good response to site by clear separation of vehicles and pedestrians. Cars are disappeared: it achieves a people place. Also important to note that the overall site plan is simple and direct with orientation away from adjoining road by placing internal road network parallel with the public road. Simple known construction strategies are used, and of low-embodied energy – that feel right for a rural setting. .

Repetition of forms which will assist in modulation leading to off-site fabrication could lead to time efficiencies with consequential cost savings. The use of a hybrid construction system using a combination of concrete construction and rammed earth in association with green roofs provides an appropriate rural reference. Environment is interwoven.

North is well used and thermal mass is in the right places. Orientation of dwellings appropriate to maximise northern exposure. Low embodied energy. Lots of photosynthesis and greenhouse gas offsets.

A scheme that befits northern Adelaide Plains.

SECOND PRIZE ($7,000) – ”Student Coop by Ayuni Azmi, Wan Amirul Izat, Aisyah Nadiah and Siti Norhazirah Hussin

Judges’ comments:
The strength of this project is on the different qualities of the spaces internally and nice arrangements of rooms. There is also consistency in the use of materials and the modular and repeatable structures show a good response to the brief. The relationship between the landscape and architectural quality is shown successfully, hinted in the 3D views although not so clear on the plan. Overall this is a very good proposal!

Commendation ($1,000) – “L’150 Terrace by Abdullah Hisham and Abdul Hadi Abdul Halim

Judges’ comments:
The modular pods seem to be reminiscent of transportable buildings. The strength of this submission is on these modular structures and preference of use of lightweight material.

While the design is rather interesting, very little relationship is however shown to exist between the landscape and architectural quality. There is a nice use of screens to filter light and provide privacy; however, there is no shade to outside spaces.

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