Measuring Oral Health and Quality of Life


This publication contains a selection of papers that were presented at a conference entitled “Assessing oral health outcomes: measuring health status and quality of life”. The purpose of the conference, which was held on June 13 and 14, 1996 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was to examine methods for measuring oral health related quality of life, with the long-term objective of promoting use of those measures in oral health outcomes research. The specific aims of the conference were:

1. To critically evaluate existing measures of oral health related quality of life – their theoretical framework, method of administration, reliability, validity and potential for use in oral health outcomes assessment;

2. To identify omissions/deficiencies in existing measures and recommend new research directions for their use in future oral health outcomes research; and

3. To disseminate findings through a handbook that describes and critically analyzes existing oral health related quality of life measures.

Gary D Slade (Ed.)

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