Centre Publications List 2011

AIHW Dental Statistics and Research Series

Balasubramanian M and Teusner DN (2011). Dentists, specialists and
allied practitioners in Australia. Cat. no. DEN 202. Dental Statistics and
Research Series no. 53. Canberra: AIHW.

Ellershaw AC and Spencer AJ (2011). Dental attendance patterns
and oral health status. Cat. no. DEN 208. Dental Statistics and Research
Series no. 57. Canberra: AIHW.

Ha D, Roberts-Thomson KF and Armfield JM (2011). The Child Dental
Health Surveys Australia, 2005 and 2006. Cat. no. DEN 213.
Dental Statistics and Research Series no. 54. Canberra: AIHW.

Harford JE, Ellershaw AC and Spencer AJ (2011). Trends in access to
dental care among Australian adults 1994–2008. Cat. no. DEN 204.
Dental Statistics and Research Series no. 55. Canberra: AIHW.

Working Paper:

Chrisopoulos S, Beckwith K and Harford JE (2011). Oral health and
dental care in Australia: key facts and figures 2011. Cat. no. DEN 214.
Canberra: AIHW.

AIHW DSRU Research Reports

AIHW (2011). Oral health practitioners in Australian 2006: research
report series no. 49. Canberra: AIHW. [DEN 201]

AIHW (2011). Oral health practitioner labour force projections,
2006–2025: research report series no. 52. Canberra: AIHW. [DEN 209]

AIHW (2011). Dental decay among Australian children: research report
series no. 53. Canberra: AIHW. [DEN 210]

AIHW (2011). Changes in child toothbrushing over time: research
report series no. 54. Canberra: AIHW. [DEN 211]

AIHW (2011). Visits supplied in dental practice in Australia: research
report series no. 55. Canberra, AIHW. [DEN 212]

 ARCPOH Published Papers

Data Watch:

ARCPOH, Brennan DS, Balasubramanian M and Spencer AJ (2011).
Practice profiles of male and female dentists in Australia. Aust Dent J
(Data Watch) 56(1):97–99.

ARCPOH, Mejia GC and Ha DH (2011). Dental caries trends in Australian
school children. Aust Dent J (Data Watch) 56(2):227–30.

ARCPOH, Spencer AJ and Ellershaw AC (2011). Chronic disease and use
of dental services in Australia. Aust Dent J (Data Watch) 56(3):336–40.
ARCPOH, Harford JE and Ju X (2011). Teen dental plan voucher use.
Aust Dent J (Data Watch) 56(4):437–40.

Journal Articles:

Amarasena N, Spencer AJ, Ou Y and Brennan DS (2011). Dentine
hypersensitivity in a private practice patient population in Australia. J Oral
Rehabil 38:52–60.

Armfield JM (2011). A comparison of three continuous scales used to
determine the prevalence of clinically significant dental fear. Community
Dent Oral Epidemiol 39:554–63.

Armfield JM (2011). Australian population norms for the Index of Dental
Anxiety and Fear (IDAF-4C). Aust Dent J 56(1):16–22.

Armfield JM and Akers HF (2011). Community water fluoridation support
and opposition in Australia. Community Dent Health 28:40–46.

Armfield JM and Milgrom P (2011). A clinician guide to patients afraid of
dental injections and numbness. SAAD Dig 27:33–9.

Armfield JM, Pohjola V, Joukamaa M, Mattila AK, Suominen AL and
Lahti SM (2011). Exploring the associations between somatization and dental
fear and dental visiting. Eur J Oral Sci 119:288–93.

Arora A, Scott JA, Bhole S, Do LG, Schwarz E and Blinkhorn AS (2011).
Early childhood feeding practices and dental caries in preschool children:
a multi-centre birth cohort study. BMC Public Health 11:28.

Arrow P, Brennan DS and Spencer AJ (2011). Quality of life and
psychosocial outcomes after fixed orthodontic treatment:
a 17-year observational cohort study. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol

Balasubramanian M and Short SD (2011). The Commonwealth as a
custodian of dental migratory ethics: views of senior oral health leaders
from India and Australia. Int Dent J 61:281–6.

Brennan DS, Do LG and Slade GD (2011). Caries experience of adults
attending private and public dental clinics in Australia. J Pub Health Dent

Brennan DS and Singh KA (2011). General health and oral health self-ratings,
and impact of oral problems among older adults. Eur J Oral Sci 119:469–73.

Brennan DS and Singh KA (2011). Grocery purchasing among older
adults by chewing ability, dietary knowledge and socio-economic status.
Public Health Nutrition 14(7):1279–84.

Brennan DS, Spencer AJ and Roberts-Thomson KF (2011). Dental self-care
and visiting behaviour in relation to social inequality in caries experience.
Community Dent Health 28(3):216–21.

Crocombe LA, Broadbent JM, Thomson WM, Brennan DS, Slade GD
and Poulton R (2011). Dental visiting trajectory patterns and their
antecedents. J Public Health Dent 71:23–31.

Crocombe LA, Brennan DS and Slade GD (2011). The relationship between
dental care and perceived oral health impacts. Community Dent Health

Do LG, Spencer AJ, Roberts-Thomson KF, Trinh HD and Nguyen TT (2011).
Oral health status of Vietnamese adults. Findings from the National
Oral Health Survey of Vietnam 1999. Asia Pacific J of Public Health
23(2): 228–36.

Do LG, Spencer AJ, Roberts-Thomson KF, Trinh HD and Nguyen TT (2011).
Oral health status of Vietnamese children. Findings from the National
Oral Health Survey of Vietnam 1999. Asia Pacific J of Public Health
23(2): 217–27.

Jamieson LM, Paradies YC, Gunthorpe W, Cairney SJ and Sayers SM
(2011). Oral health and social and emotional well-being in a birth cohort of
Aboriginal Australian young adults. BMC Public Health 11:656.

Luzzi L and Spencer AJ (2011). Job satisfaction of the oral health labour
force in Australia. Aust Dent J 56(1):23–32.

Mejia GC, Weintraub JA, Cheng NF, Grossman W, Han PZ, Phipps KR
and Gansky SA (2011). Language and literacy relate to lack of children’s
dental sealant use. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 39(4):318–24.

National Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse, Roberts-Thomson KF
(2011). Oral health messages for the Australian public. Findings of a
national consensus workshop. Aust Dent J 56(3):331–5.

Ngo HC, Mount G, McIntyre J and Do LG (2011). An in vitro model for
the study of chemical exchange between glass ionomer restorations
and partially demineralized dentin using a minimally invasive restorative
technique. J Dentistry 39(S2):S20–S26.

Parker EJ, Jamieson LM, Steffens MA, Cathro P and Logan R (2011).
Self-reported oral health of a metropolitan homeless population in
Australia: comparisons with population-level data. Aust Dent J 56(3):

Plutzer K and Keirse MJNC (2011). Incidence and prevention of early
childhood caries in one- and two-parent families. Child: Care, Health and
Development 37(1):5–10.

Plutzer K and Keirse MJNC (2011). Teething: a problem for children,
parents and their doctors. Medicine Today 12(12):44–8.

Plutzer K, Spencer AJ and Keirse MJNC (2011). How first-time mothers
perceive and deal with teething symptoms: a randomised controlled trial.
Child: Care, Health and Development 38(2):292–9.

Roberts-Thomson KF, Stewart JF and Do LG (2011). A longitudinal study
of the relative importance of factors related to use of dental services
among young adults. Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 39(3):268–75.

Sanders AE and Slade GD (2011). Gender modifies effect of perceived
stress on orofacial pain symptoms: National Survey of Adult Oral Health.
J Orofacial Pain 25(4):317–26.

Sheiham A, Alexander D, Cohen L, Marinho V, Moyses S, Petersen PE,
Spencer AJ, Watt R and Weyant R (2011). Global Oral Health Inequalities:
Task Group—Implementation and delivery of oral health strategies.
Adv Dent Res 23(2): 259–267.

Colgate Oral Care

DPERU Colgate Dental Education Program

Special Topic No. 5: Oral cancer.

Special Topic No. 6: Dentine hypersensitivity.

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