Oral health in South Australia 2004


This report provides a comprehensive summary of the oral health of South Australian residents. This publication was developed from a range of surveys conducted by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH) and administrative data provided by state dental services.

Information provided in this publication includes data on caries experience and periodontal diseases of children and adults, tooth retention and loss among adults, use of preventive interventions for children, access to dental care, satisfaction with dental services received, cost of dental care and the dental labour force. Information on the oral health of Indigenous children and adults is also provided.

The publication highlights the recent increase in the level of dental decay among primary and secondary school children, the poor state of oral health among adults attending public dental care, the high prevalence of problem-oriented dental visiting by adults, and concerns about the cost of dental care.

Anne Ellershaw
John Spencer
Gary Slade

ISBN 1 74024 492 3
ISSN 1449-2008
AIHW Cat. No. POH 4

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