Philosophy of Physics Reading Group

Philosophy at Adelaide has an informal reading/discussion group on the philosophy of physics. It meets weekly on Mondays at 2 pm for 60-90 minutes. The core of the group consists of two physicists, two philosophers (all retired but eager) some graduate students etc. It has no formal program and discussion is often spur of the moment, although we have also pursued either specific topics or longer readings over a number of sessions. It is not easy to get a workable mix of our backgrounds and so the group should count as an unusual (and valuable) resource (e.g. for PhD students). We welcome visitors. The group is stable (running for 4 years now).

Most of the discussions are free ranging and have mainly centred round the metaphysics and physics problems of General Relativity, but other subjects get a run too.


  • Emeritus Professor Angas Hurst FAAS (maths & physics)
  • Emeritus Professor Chris Mortensen FAHA (philosophy)
  • Emeritus Professor Graham Nerlich FAHA (philosophy)
  • Dr. Peter Szekeres (maths & physics)

Contact Graham Nerlich for further information.

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