Reading Performance & Theatrical Collaborations

  • Wordfire: based around the European tradition of the literary salon, Wordfire is a series of literary events organised by postgraduate creative writing students at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. Wordfire has been going strong since 2006.

Stephanie Hester at the inaugural Wordfire

  • Theatre Guild Collaborations: since 2007, postgraduate students from the Creative Writing Program have collaborated with the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild to adapt pieces of writing into performance pieces.
  • Lee Marvin readings (organised by Ken Bolton, poet and alumnus and manager of Dark Horsey Bookshop).
  • staples, the zine, and accompanied by evenings of live readings, was founded and edited by postgraduate English and Creative Writing students. Contributors and readers included Ken Bolton, Shannon Burns, Tom Burton, Lyndall Clipstone, Moya Costello, Phillip Edmonds, Petra Fromm,  Rachel Hennessy, Cath Kenneally, Alice Sladdin, Anna Solding, Emmettt Stinson and Heather Taylor-Johnson.
  • Animate Quarterly was a ‘live’ literary journal held at La Boheme, an Adelaide bar. Editors/producers included Creative Writing students Anna Solding and Bel Schenk.
  • Writers’ Radio on Radio Adelaide (book reviews and readings of new work): Moya Costello, Patrick Allington, Bell Schenk and Ray Tyndale. Writers’ Radio is presented by PhD graduate Cath Kenneally.
  • Friendly Street Poetry Readings (Adelaide): participants from the Creative Writing Program include Henry Ashley-Brown, Stephen Lawrence, Rachel Manning, Alice Sladdin and Ray Tyndale.


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