English and Creative Writing Research Seminars: Semester 2, Napier 618

Date Seminar
31 July Peter Poiana, ‘Beginnings: From Literary Incipits to the Anxiety of Origins’
14 August Miguel Syjuco, ‘From how to why: the evolving questions of the writing life’
28 August Phil Butterss, ‘The Tennysons in literary Adelaide’

Mandy Treagus, ‘White Men, White Knowledge: Louis Becke and the Literary Mapping of the Pacific’

11 September Michelle Jager, ‘Wicked Women and the Female Gothic’

Nick Jose, ‘Transcultural’

9 October Pre-submission review presentations: Kelli Rowe, Ben Adams
23 October Pre-submission review presentations: Keryl Howie and others
6 November Jacqueline Sloan Morgan

Helen Dinmore, to be confirmed

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