Going on exchange in the Faculty of Arts

Hi All. I’m Kirsty Whitman, the Exchange Officer in the Faculty of Arts. I’m the primary contact for all Arts students considering going on either a short study tour or on an exchange program.

When you are considering going on an overseas study experience please view both the Global Learning website and the Faculty of Arts Exchange website. Both sites contain important information about where you can go, what you can study, the application process, and things to consider when going on exchange. In particular please consider the following:

If you are planning on undertaking language courses, or you want approval to obtain credit for core courses (for example for a Bachelor of Media Studies or International Studies), you will need approval from the relevant coordinator. A list of Language Coordinators and Program Convenors can be found at the Faculty of Arts website.

  • If you are planning on undertaking a language please keep in mind that language teaching levels differ between institutions.
  • Level I subjects are usually not granted approval to be studied on exchange. Please choose Advanced Level subjects at your host university. A good tip is to avoid subjects that are ‘introductory’.
  • Often the subjects being offered at your host university may change between submitting your study plan for Faculty Approval and actually enrolling at your host university. This is fine, just be sure to email me at with your revised subject choices, and I can update your Faculty Approval in GLAS.
  • Please be sure to enrol in the relevant exchange course here at the University of Adelaide for each semester you are on exchange. Exchange courses for degrees in the faculty of Arts are:
    • EXCHANGE 1003ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (3 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1006ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (6 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1009ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (9 units)
    • EXCHANGE 1012ARTS International Exchange – Faculty of Arts (12 units)

Going on exchange is a fantastic opportunity, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Kirsty Whitman, Exchange Officer

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