The Arts Internship – Hugh’s Semester with Australian Dance Theatre

hugh-arts-internshipI spent four years at the University of Adelaide studying a Bachelor of Media/Bachelor of Arts (English Major) double degree. During my last semester, I entered the Arts Internship and was placed with the Australian Dance Theatre. I spent six months with the Australian Dance Theatre, helping to prepare for its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2015, by conducting research on their archives and helping to locate videos, images and other content that could be used. I prepared a report that outlined where the archives were stored and what they comprised of. Throughout the six months I also helped out with various events that were held.

The Arts internship provided a perfect transition between university and entering the workforce. I was able to take the skills that I had learned at university and apply them in a workplace setting. The internship also allowed me to develop new skills that could only be developed in a practical setting.

After completing my internship and my degree, I spent three months travelling before returning and gaining a position as a Marketing Assistant with Cirkidz Circus School. I am now working with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources in a digital communications and event management role.

Visit Arts Internships to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

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