The Arts Internship – Lara’s Semester with Australia Institute of International Affairs

lara-arts-internshipI have recently graduated from The University of Adelaide with a Bachelor of International Studies with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Development Studies and English.

Throughout my time at university, the intersection of my studies in political science and development left me with a strong interest in migration policy and related issues.

In my final semester I was presented with the opportunity to undertake the Arts Internship program and was fortunate enough to be placed with the Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA). In cooperation with my industry supervisor, I researched, wrote and ultimately drove the direction of my research over the three-month course of my internship.

My report, ‘An effective approach to people smuggling in the Australian context’ is pending publication in the AIIA Emerging Scholars 2015 Journal. This internship assisted me in refining my critical and lateral thinking skills, and developed my confidence in being confronted with diverse and complex information and my ability to break it down systematically to complete a task. Particularly, this report was an opportunity for me to translate and apply my theoretical knowledge to a specific scenario and offer a viable solution. However, perhaps the most satisfying outcome was the knowledge that I was able to make a valuable contribution to my internship organisation.

Since graduating, I have been working with the Attorney General’s Department in Consumer and Business Services, and next year I will be commencing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s 2016 Graduate Program in Canberra. The skills and experience gained through the Arts Internship program have not only made me more competitive in the industry, but has ensured I am a valuable asset as an employee.

Visit Arts Internships to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

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