The Arts Internships – Emma’s Semester with Ms Julia Gillard

Arts Internship Student Emma As a final year Arts and International Studies student, I undertook the Arts Internship to develop extensive research and workplace skills. The Arts Internship program arranged for me to undertake a research internship in the office of former Prime Minister the Honourable Julia Gillard, with personalised academic supervision and support from within the university.

Over the semester I spent two days per week working in Ms Gillard’s office, conducting research on the causes and possible solutions to the systematic underrepresentation of Australian women in public and private sector executive leadership roles. At the program’s conclusion, I was able to produce an official research document to present to Ms Gillard’s office, for use in future advocacy work for women’s inclusion in high level leadership. This document is also an invaluable resource when demonstrating my professional research skills to future employers.

The Art Internship helped me develop strong research skills, tested my time management skills, and gave me invaluable experience for future work in government or not-for-profit policy revision, research, and development.

Having successfully completed the internship, I am now undertaking Honours in Anthropology, with a continued focus on women’s experiences and gender relations. The research, time management, and problem solving skills developed through the Arts Internship program have been invaluable as I navigate the challenges of my Honours year. With the experience of writing a 7,000 report, I have been able to manage planning, writing, and presenting my dissertation. The Internship will also be the centrepiece of my curriculum vitae as I enter the professional workforce in 2016.

Visit Arts Internships to learn more about the program and how to apply. 

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