Why the World Needs Arts Graduates

The Faculty of Arts invited Careers Service staff member Michelle McKinnon to present on the career options and outcomes for Arts graduates, as well as the increase in demand of graduates with strong communication and analytical skills.

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Michelle says:

“Arts degrees do not necessarily lead to specific occupations, rather they allow students to choose from multiple occupations with a variety of employers. One of the most difficult questions that arts students frequently get asked is ”Where will your degree take you?”

There is a misconception that Arts students struggle to find employment after graduation and consequently the “Arts degree” can receive some negative press. However, people who have completed an arts degree would never question the employability of Arts grads…they are too busy working! People with Arts degrees are grateful for their education and highlight the vast number of professional skills learned in their BA that they use in their professional lives.
Nowadays, a degree is a baseline requirement for most graduate roles, and employers are looking for “well rounded individuals “ who can demonstrate employability skills such as communication, creativity, teamwork and problem solving skills. These are key components of the Arts degree that are developed from the very beginning of your studies.

By looking at the careers of other Arts graduates, you can get a clearer picture of the opportunities that are out there and get some specific examples of what University of Adelaide Arts students have ended up doing. Look at the attached examples in the presentation slides to get some inspiration. Following on from that, there are 5 tips to getting your first job ……the first one is start early!!
If you require any advice about your career planning, please drop into the Careers Service, we are just outside Hub Central.”

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