‘I am God’: Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Sonatas

14th November, 7pm at Elder Hall

Internationally acclaimed pianists Konstantin Shamray, Stefan Ammer, Ashley Hribar and Mekhla Kumar join forces in a once in a lifetime opportunity to honour the great Russian composer Alexander Scriabin (1872 – 1915) in his 100th year anniversary. The pianists will present a complete performance of Scriabin’s ten Piano Sonatas- a rare event to be witnessed.

Alexander Scriabin’s piano sonatas, composed between 1892 to 1913, offer a fascinating evolution of their own. Unfolding over the course of Scriabin’s entire compositional life, they trace his development from disciple of Chopin to musical visionary, exploring his own unique sound world: mystical, heady, erotic and colourful. By exploring Scriabin’s synaesthesia, each performance will be enhanced by special lighting which will promise to be a deeply immersive and transformative experience.

i am god

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