Department of Linguistics: Awards and Grants

  • ARC Grant (2015-2017):
    Project: Linguistic Analysis of Ngarrindjeri Texts

    Chief Investigators: Amery, Dr Robert M; Simpson, Prof Jane H
    Reseach Associate: Dr Mary-Anne Gale
    Total Funds Allocated (2015-2017): $357,700.00

    The Ngarrindjeri language of the Lower Murray of South Australia was richly documented in the nineteenth and mid- twentieth centuries. The largest body of texts (163 texts in Berndt and Berndt, 1993) is a treasure-trove of language and cultural knowledge from the 1940s, but has received little linguistic attention, because of difficulties in interpreting writing conventions and because of the inadequate translations provided. Through systematic linguistic analysis and reconstructions, this project aims to shed light on how Ngarrindjeri changed over the 100 years since first documentation, how clan languages differed, and how Ngarrindjeri texts and sentences were structured. It is expected to provide important insight into the variation expected in language contact situations.

  • ILS Grants 2012-2015:
    Mobile Language Team (MLT) – Phase Two: $1,050,000 (3 years total)
    Consolidating Kaurna Language Revival: $420,000 (3 years total)
    Trialling community language workers course Teaching an Endangered Aboriginal Language: $120,000
    Tjurlpu tjurta ngurraritja AntikirrinyaYankunytjatjara — traditional linguistic and ecological knowledge of native birds: $85,000
  • ARC Grant (2011 – 2014):
    ARC Linkage project between four State Health Departments and the University of Adelaide in collaboration with several other universities on a national project to look at Clinical Handover, deals with the communication between clinicians about patients. Our own focus is on the language involved in mental health handovers.
    Further particulars: Dr John Walsh and Dr Nayia Cominos at
  • MILR Awards 2011:
    Documenting traditional knowledge about seasons and time in the highly endangered Yankunytjatjara/Antikirinya language of northeast SA and publishing learning resources ($105,320)

    Preparing for community use a set of language awareness and learning materials for the critically endangered Mirning language of the Great Australian Bight region, and training language workers ($56,000)

    Kaurna Dictionary ($53,000)

    Ngarrindjeri Song CD ($40,000)

In 2007 Dr Rob Amery was awarded a UNESCO Certificate of Achievement for his work in Linguistics. Specifically, his award was in recognition of “the documentation both of the Kaurna language and aspects of the traditions of the Kaurna Plains people and the development of language revival resources” and Dr Rob Amery established the KWP Secretariat with three new part-time jobs advertised.

2011: Professor Ghil’ad Zuckermann, Chair of Linguistics and Endangered Languages, has been appointed (1) Distinguished Visiting Professor and Oriental Scholar at Shanghai International Studies University (China), and (2) Visiting Scientist at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel).

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