FRAGS Funding: 2016 Projects

Congratulations to the those who have received funding in the 2016 Faculty Research Active Grant Scheme (FRAGS) round for the following projects:

  • Prof Rachel Ankeny (Dept. of History) and Dr Kathryn Bowd (Dept. of Media)  – Sharing the table: understanding and strengthening Australian agriculture’s social licence to operate
  • Prof Han Baltussen and Dr Jacqueline Clark (Dept. of Classics, Archaeology and Ancient History)  – Ancient Pain Narratives: The Conceptualisation of Pain in Classical Literature, Philosophy and Medicin
  • Dr Kim Barbour (Dept. of Media) – Professions and Celebrity: Online visibility, prestige and contentious authenticity in the professional persona
  • Dr John Budarick (Dept of Media) – Ethnic Media and Social Solidarity in Australia: The case of African-Australians
  • Dr Priya Chacko (Dept. of Politics and International Studies) –  ‘Virtuous’ Market Citizenship: The New Politics of Hindu Nationalism in India
  • Dr Victoria Cornell (Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning) – Home-based aged care service delivery and housing: does tenure affect the services received?
  • Dr Susan Hemer (Dept. of Anthropology and Development Studies) – Mining, health and well-being: a scoping study on Lihir, PNG
  • A/Prof Ben McCann (Dept. of French Studies) – Framing European Youth in L’Auberge espagnole / The Spanish Apartment (Klapsich, 2002)
  • Dr Erica Millar (Dept. of Gender Studies and Social Analysis) – Happy Abortions in the Era of Choice
  • A/Prof Andrew Skuse (Dept. of Anthropology and Development Studies) – Strength for the Journey: understanding barriers to access to gender-based violence prevention support in communities facing female work migration in Nepal
  • Prof Cathy Speck (Dept. of Art History) – Australian Art Exhibitions: A New Story
  • Dr Yan Tan (Dept. of Geography, Environment and Population) – Migration and Climate Change in China: Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Dimensions
  • Dr Czes Tubilewicz (Dept. of Politics and International Studies) – The East China Sea Dispute and Cross-Taiwan Strait Re-constructions of One China
  • Dr Thomas Wanner (Dept. of Geography, Environment and Population)  – Australia’s Role in Forest and REDD+ Governance in Indonesia: the politics of international carbon collaboration and the implications for regional security and sustainability
  • A/Prof Megan Warin (Dept of Gender Studies and Social Analysis) for her project Indigenous knowledge in a postgenomic landscape: the politics of epigenetic reparation
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