Say Hello to the Person Next to You

Put down your phone. Just for a minute. Catch the eye of the person next to you. Smile. Say “Hi.” Talk about the class, your jobs, your other assignments, anything. You’ve made a friend. Now do it again.

It’s easy to immerse ourselves in the world of our phones—the people who love and care about us are all there, just a text message or Facebook post away. Why do the hard thing and interact with people you don’t know, when those familiar to you are at your fingertips?

Sometimes, doing the hard thing has greater rewards. Nothing risked, nothing gained. What’s the worst thing that could happen? The person next to you sneers and turns away. Well, isn’t he rude! That’s no reflection on you and your attempt at connection. What’s the best thing that could happen? The person next to you explains a key piece of the assignment that you didn’t understand, knows your brother’s best friend, and also loves Titanic! What a fortuitous meeting! And it would have never happened if you didn’t say ‘Hi.’

Study Skills Support is for first year undergraduate students studying in the Faculty of Arts.

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