The New Bachelor of International Development

Build the skills necessary to work in International Development with the new Bachelor of International Development. The degree introduces students to the key issues and problems affecting the developing world that drive poverty, inequality and vulnerability. It allows students to explore how bi-lateral organisations, multi-lateral agencies, and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) try to intervene in these problems, through policies and programmes of planned change.

The degree targets work readiness and provides students with the practical skills and experience necessary to pursue a successful career in the international development sector. The core International Development Practice courses address development practice from the perspective of bilateral donors such as Australian Aid. It does this by exposing students to the processes of program design and project management.

Using actual development organisation documents students will examine the multidisciplinary work that goes into program design, including:
(i) undertaking formative social, political and economic analysis
(ii) setting objectives
(iii) defining, monitoring activities
(iv) considering gender
(v) thinking about sustainability and the environment
(vi) how to capture the impacts associated with development programs

By the end of the degree students will have developed the skills necessary to designing their own development program designs. Students also have opportunities to pursue study abroad options in the developing world, through courses offered by the Faculty of Arts, and by external partners such as the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS),and Scope Global. High achieving students are also able to participate in the Arts Internship.

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