Visiting Professors: Peter Arnds and Thomas Mical

Visiting Professors at the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice

Associate Professor Peter Arnds (Trinity College Dublin) and Professor Thomas Mical (Auckland University of Technology) are Visiting Professors at the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice in 2016.

A/Prof Arnds will be arriving in Adelaide in the beginning of May and will be available for consultations and discussions with our centre members and affiliates until mid-June. We encourage all centre members to introduce themselves to Peter during his stay. A/Prof Arnds will also be giving a series of masterclasses on the role of the mythical creatures—specifically werewolves and dogmen—in world literature. More information.


Associate Professor Arnds is the Director of Comparative Literature and the Centre of Literary Translation at Trinity College Dublin. He has published six books, including Representation, Subversion and Eugenics in Günter Grass’s The Tin Drum (2004) and Lycanthropy in German Literature (2015). A/Prof Arnds has also edited a volume Translating Holocaust Literature (2015), translated Patrick Boltshauser’s novel Stromschnellen (2014), and published a collection of poetry and water colours called A Rare Clear Day (2015). He has published short stories in literary journals the world over.


Professor Thomas Mical is Professor of Architectural Theory and Head of the School of Art and Design at Auckland University of Technology. Professor Mical’s research focuses on the historical, qualitative, and transformative attributes of architectural and urban spaces, with a specific interest in the logical and sensory models and processes used in the production of spaces, and how these spaces then produce meanings and identities. His background in architectural theory, philosophy, and cultural studies inflects these investigations. His work has also examined cinema and film theory, media-philosophy, other landscapes, and a teaching interest in hybrid and non-standard qualitative design-research methods. He is currently investigating the concept of magical urbanism.

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