Are you resilient?

Many of you are getting your marks for your first assignments. If you find that you are disappointed in your mark, do you wallow in self-pity, or do you rise from the ashes and learn from the experience?

Here are some quick tips on how to become, or remain, resilient:

Focus on your positive emotions.

Don’t shut out your negative emotions—it’s okay to feel disappointed—but don’t dwell on negativity. Pay attention to what went right. Did your tutor say you wrote a great introduction? That’s something to celebrate, and repeat in the future. It is within your power to choose to focus on what went well and even feel excited about working on improvements for the next assignment.

Find support in those who have been in a similar situation (your sister also had a rough time at uni, but got her degree), talk to uni counsellors, seek help from Arts Study Skills Support, your tutor, and the Writing Centre. Talk to those people you trust implicitly, often old friends and family members.

What are you good at? What are your strengths? Focus on those things to help you bounce back from a bad mark.

Be aware of all the things you have:

–people to help you
–people you trust
–people who want you to do well

Be aware of the things that you are:

–respectful of yourself and others
–sure that things will be all right
–responsible for your successes and mistakes

Be aware of things you can do:

–receive help
–use strategies to solve problems
–talk to trusted people

Finally, please read through the feedback and comments from your tutor. If you can’t find your comments or don’t understand what your tutor means, then talk to your tutor about it, and / or come and see Study Skills Support.

Study Skills Support is for first year undergraduate students studying in the Faculty of Arts.

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