Rebels in Sensible Shoes: Australian Homefront during the Vietnam War

Tuesday 17 May, 6-7pm, Lecture Theatre G04, Napier Building, University of Adelaide

The Department of History invites you to this FREE historical Festival Event:
In May 1965, long before the moratorium marches of the 1970s, a small group of Sydney women issued “a distress call”, urging women throughout Australia to band together to oppose the Menzies Government’s conscription of 20-year-old men to fight in Vietnam. Under the banner of ‘Save Our Sons’, these women worked tirelessly for eight long years, braving hostility not only from the public but within their own communities and families.  A few were even jailed for their stand.  For many, it was the first time they had ever ventured beyond the domestic realm; some found they could never return. Fifty years after the first Australians conscripts left for Vietnam, Dr Carolyn Collins explores another side of the conflict, the effects of which continue to resonate in Australian society today.

Register by email or contact Tim Nailer on 8313 4249


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