19 Aug: Classics Research Seminar, Communal Rituals & Religious Acts

When and Where: From 3.10pm on Friday in Napier LG 9. All are welcome.

Prof. Katje Sporn (Director, German Archaeological Institute at Athens and 2016 AAIA Visiting Professor)

Abstract: In early Greece there is a sphere where socially connoted/communal rituals merge with religious acts. For example, in many instances it has been disputed if an excavated Early Iron Age site with remains of communal dining was a place of worship or a meeting place of a group of rather socially connected people. This seminar discusses general questions on possibilities to identify early Greek cult places using antithetical notions such as animal sacrifice (thusia)/slaughter, altar/eschara, votives/objects of utility. These include elements such as the location of such places inside or outside settlements, their layout and spatial organisation. A separate discussion will focus on the close relation of some sites with tombs and thus the creation of identity through communal acts.

After each seminar, tea will be available in the Napier Level 8 staff room.

2016 Classics Research Seminars

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