Are you resilient? Rise to the challenge of your degree.

Think of your goals: to go on an internship, to study abroad, to work as a translator for the CIA.

Whatever it is, imagine how you will get there. How will you reach that goal? Don’t let relatively smaller things get you down and stop you from submitting your assignments and achieving these goals. Your girlfriend breaks up with you, you’re not saving enough money for a trip overseas, you take on more responsibility at your job, your friends leave for study abroad—these are unfortunate occurrences, and will take some time to deal with and learn to live with. But they shouldn’t stop you from working toward those bigger goals that will make you so happy once you get there. Don’t let these roadblocks prevent you from achieving your future goals. Take control. Visit Counselling Services for help, and visit Careers Services for inspiration on your goals.

Study Skills Support is for undergraduate students studying in the Faculty of Arts.

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