The best academics get feedback on their writing. You should too.

Writing is first and foremost a form of communication. We can only guess at how well we are communicating if we don’t show our work to anyone else.

Getting feedback on your writing is the only way to understand how well you are communicating what you want to express. So why not get as much feedback as you can?

Visit the Faculty of Arts, Study Skills Support and the Writing Centre, spaces that are designed to give you the best feedback possible on how to make your essay even stronger. Visit your tutors during their office hours for more feedback on your assignments, and before you hand in that assignment, make plenty of visits to the support mentioned above.

I hate to learn that students have been silently struggling with their assignments, feeling frustrated and confused, all by themselves. There’s no need to experience this frustration, not when there is support available on campus. But even if you aren’t struggling, you probably still want to figure out how to write a stronger essay. Feedback is the only thing that will get you there.

Your Faculty of Arts education is all about learning how to communicate well. It’s a skill that takes practice and time, and feedback from others. Remember, the best academics rely on feedback. Why shouldn’t you?

Study Skills Support is for undergraduate students studying in the Faculty of Arts.


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