Graduating in 2016? Add a business degree to your resume

If you are graduating and considering your next step, take a look at Adelaide Business School’s Master of International Business.

The Master of International Business is the perfect complement to any undergraduate degree.

If you have completed a more technical or creative undergraduate qualification, a business program can give you the strategic, management and decision making skills you will need as you progress through your career. PLUS this program offers fantastic international experiences, including a European exchange that gives you two Masters, without extending your study.

International internships are also available. You will gain international exposure, immerse yourself in a new culture, see the world through new perspectives and form networks with people from all over the world, all the while building impressive qualifications!

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If you are interested in learning more about this program or would like to meet with a program adviser, please contact the Adelaide Business School today.


 “I was given the opportunity to complete a year abroad in France to earn two masters degrees. Experiences such as this broaden students’ perspectives, promote multicultural teamwork to create contemporary managers, and reinforce Adelaide’s international focus. I have now been selected for an internship in Amman, Jordan, with UN Women in the economic empowerment sphere, which is truly a dream start to my career. I couldn’t have achieved this without the knowledge, skills and confidence gained during this program.”

Hannah Twine, Bachelor of Arts
Master of International Business

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