Open 17 Sept: “Nuclear” Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Showcase

“Nuclear” – Exposing the legacies of the atomic age through creative arts

Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute Showcase

17 September to 12 November 2016

A must-see exhibition involving more than 50 creative artists – photographers, filmmakers, digital artists, painters, sculptors and writers – the “Nuclear” showcase presents stories of atomic survivors, highlighting the personal experience of Indigenous communities, service personnel and civilian workers who have been directly affected by atomic testing. The exhibition presents discoveries about the nuclear age, and fits within a long tradition of artists and communities responding to ‘the bomb’.

A centerpiece of the exhibition is ‘Ngurini’ (Searching), an immersive digital projection made with members of the Yalata Anangu community. Another is ’10 Minutes to Midnight’ also for immersive screening in a large cylindrical arena, and developed with nuclear veterans and the Balaklava community. These digital art works are accompanied by exhibitions of photography – ‘Portrait of a whistleblower’ and a collection of images from the Irati Wanti campaign against a nuclear waste repository; paintings – ‘Life Lifted into the Sky’sculpture – ‘Fat Man’ and ‘Tree of Life: Gift of Peace’; and pottery – a collection titled ‘Ebay makes the bomb’.

The Nuclear showcase will also feature seminars, film screenings, and storyteller sessions. Suitable for all ages. Free entry.

Head of Studies (Popular Music & Creative Technologies), Dr Luke Harrald, collaborated as sound designer and composer on two immersive digital artworks in the showcase – “Ngurini” and “Ten Minutes to Midnight”. Ngurini is pictured.

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