Fri 23 Sep: School of Education Research Seminar Series 2016

You are cordially invited to the September 2016 School of Education Research Seminar. We are excited to have our Visiting Researcher Dr Maria Asaco (Complutense University of Madrid), Hedley Reberger (Manager Ask Adelaide & Hub Services) and Dr Edward Palmer (Senior Lecture School of Education) present:

Colour as a tool for innovative learning process: a student and staff co-creation project: results.

When:    Friday 23 September 2016
Time:     11am – 12.30pm
Where:   Mezzanine Level, Hub Central, North Terrace Campus

Abstract Colour is a visual experience that subconsciously affects our own function and emotion.  Colour in itself is a complex area composed of many theories that highlight the influence it has on both subjective and objective aspects in our own spaces.  The effects of colour on individuals is based on many things such as biological factors, age, gender and culture to name a few.  When walking around Hub Central at the University of Adelaide you see a busy diversity of students who are all learning in pockets of bright colours. You just get a sense something is working in the space.

The research conducted was to build on the student ownership of Hub Central. Students that participated were aware that the Hub is being repainted at the end of 2016 and their input was valued into making decisions about colour choices. The main hypotheses investigated were; 1. Can bright colour be a space tool for changing and improve students learning process in informal learning spaces? and 2. How can higher educational institutions use colour in informal learning spaces in order to change student learning practices?

In line with the authors needs to demonstrate the success of utilising ‘sexy pedagogy’ Pokémon was used as the lure and evaluation tool to gather data for focus groups which 290 student consented and participated in.  Many of these students also choose to participate in a survey monkey evaluation tool (229) on colour and its use in Hub Central space.

The research methodology and high participation is a fantastic outcome for evaluation in its own right.  A snapshot of preliminary data from the research is presented.

maria acasoMaria Acaso Biography: María Acaso has over twenty years of experience working on education issues. Since the beginning of her training at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid she has been convinced that the current education system is outdated and in need of an urgent changue of paradigm. Her main interest is to promote this change of paradigm in the teaching community. In order to achieve this goal Professor Acaso proposes five action points that will transform education, and the leading idea that in the 21st century education will not be about What (content) but How (methodologies).

For this reason all her activities (teaching, research, lectures, publishing) aim to provide teachers with the confidence and passion to position this change of paradigm at the very center of their teaching practice.

María Acaso has been invited to lecture and research at some of the most prestigious institutions for education such as Universidad Autónoma de México, New York University, Colby College, The Bergen National Academy of The Arts, The New School of Social Research, The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, Harvard University, Stanford University, Museo de la Memoria (Chile), MOMA (NY), la 9 Bienal de Mercosur (Brasil), Museo de Antioquia y Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín (Colombia), Culturgest (Lisboa), and the Getty Museum. She is the author of a number of books, most recently of “rEDUvolution: hacer la revolución en la educación” (Paidos, 2013) that are an inspiration for teachers.

Her blog is internationaly known for her contributions to disruptive education and artistic education.

hedley rHedley Reberger Biography: Hedley currently manages the services team at Ask Adelaide, his role includes working within innovate Hub Central student spaces.  Ask Adelaide provide both front and back of house, 7 days a week, face to face services to 10pm on weekdays. Ask Adelaide services are omni-channel, providing face to face, chat, phone, email, social media and self-service information and service functions across a broad range of support, administrative, technology and prospective student areas (over 200,000 transactions a year).

Hub Central itself is a 10,5000 square metre student space that attracts between 8,000 to 9,000 unique logins each weekday during semester.

Hedley loves ideas, questioning everything, is a keen observer, asks lots of questions and wants others to think.  He prides himself on being able to utilise diversity in staff and students and their ideas to help build services and programs that not only meet standards but set best practice.   Hedley holds high level professional skills in ‘design thinking’ and utilises Intelligent Fast Failure (IFF) Methodology at Ask Adelaide and in the Hub.

Hedley is the recipient of the 2016 ATEM/Campus Review Best Practice Award in Tertiary Education Management for excellence in innovation.

ed palmerEdward Palmer Biography: Edward is a professional educator with 25 years of experience in providing the best student experience possible by teaching innovatively and developing, implementing and analysing the impact of educational initiatives.
I have an excellent track record in producing quality educational research, focused on educational technology, and have attracted over 1.5 million dollars in collaborative ventures to support my work. Edward has 15 years’ experience in developing, implementing and analysing the impact of educational initiatives on tertiary students.

He seeks to understand the effect of educational technologies on teaching methodologies and student learning and on devising new and innovative methods to improve the student learning experience. He is author of 25 refereed publications, 12 educational CDs and 2 educational web sites and is an active researcher in the area of educational technologies.

Edward is the convener of the Higher Educational Research Group of Adelaide (HERGA), the recipient of the Stephen Cole the Elder Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2007, an ALTC citation for teaching excellence in 2008 and a Faculty Teaching Excellence prize in 2009 for his work with online formative assessment.

Edward is Research Group leader of the Mobile learning research group, and is actively looking for students in the areas of mobile learning, virtual reality, and gaming in education.

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