Graduate Profile: Liz Allan

After completing a Bachelor Degree in Creative Writing at Flinders University in 2008, Liz spent several years working in human resources while continuing to develop her fiction in her free time.

Over the course of her ‘corporate years,’ Liz wrote two novels, both of which were practice runs, destined for the bottom drawer. The third attempt however, had potential, and motivated Liz to return to Creative Writing studies at The University of Adelaide. ‘I realised how much I missed the university environment, being surrounded by creative people and having the freedom to pursue what really interests me.’

The Creative Writing Honours degree enabled Liz to further develop her creative project, and the research questions that emerged throughout the writing process became her PhD proposal. ‘The encouragement and support I received from the staff and supervisors, especially in terms of my thesis, gave me the confidence to apply for postgraduate candidature. I never thought a PhD could be a possibility prior to honours.’

Liz was awarded the J.M. Coetzee English and Creative Writing Prize in 2014 for her honours thesis. Her postgraduate research investigates the themes of violence and haunting in Australian road stories. Liz runs The Adelaide Writers’ Group through the SA Writers Centre and tutors in Creative Writing: The Essentials at The University of Adelaide. ‘The students and staff in the Department of English and Creative Writing inspire me to constantly keep improving my writing. This is the first time I’ve been genuinely excited to come to work every day.’

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