Friday 21 Oct: Classics Research Seminar, Another look at the ‘Aldine Additamentum’: Silius Italicus Punica 8. 145-224

When and Where: From 3.10pm on Friday in Napier LG 9. All are welcome.

Ms Jan Lee (Classics M. Phil. candidate)

Abstract: Given the resurgence of interest in Silius’ Punica, it is surprising that there has been so little discussion of the ‘Aldine additamentum’ since Brugnoli & Santini (1995) published their textual analysis: it is mentioned only in footnotes in the Brill Companion (2010, 94 n. 68; 366 n. 37). Consensus that these lines are probably authentic is at best unenthusiastic. Delz (1987, LXVIII) asserted that the lines are ‘unworthy of Silius,’ but did not argue his case beyond pointing to a dozen or so instances of dubious practice. Spaltenstein (1986, 508-9) and Ariemma, (2000, 67-8) are also equivocal. Using recent digital resources, this paper explores the metrical, stylistic and linguistic differences that exist between the additamentum and the rest of Punica 8.

After each seminar, tea will be available in the Napier Level 8 staff room.

2016 Classics Research Seminars

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