28 Oct: Classics Research Seminar, Divine Traits in Eunapius’ Lives of Philosophers & Sophists

When and Where: From 3.10pm on Friday in Napier LG 9. All are welcome.

28 October Divine Traits in Eunapius’ Lives of Philosophers and Sophists Prof. Han Baltussen (Classics)

Abstract: This paper revisits Eunapius’ attitude to Christianity (also given new attention in recent editions of Becker 2013 and Goulet 2014, Budé ed.) and suggests that his purpose was in part to offer an alternative to Christian hagiography. Eunapius’ emphasis on the pagan philosophers’ ability to achieve a divine quality serves his higher agenda of offering a Late Antique counter-narrative to both doctrine and exemplary lives of Christians.

After each seminar, tea will be available in the Napier Level 8 staff room.

2016 Classics Research Seminars

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