Media Students: Video Production Placements Available

Attention Media Students: You may be interested in one of two video-production placement opportunities – closing soon

Media Placement: Product Video Producer
Auszac Eco Balsa
Melrose Park, South Australia

We are looking for someone to fill the role of Product Video Producer. This opportunity would be ideal as part of the Media Industry Placement. The position will entail producing a series of stop-start animated how-to videos aimed at primary school aged students and their teacher.

Closes – 19 Feb, 2017

Find out more and apply:…

Media Placement: iPhonography Video Project (new)
Joey Crowd
Adelaide, South Australia

Our latest media project focuses on iphonography and the enormous social media potential associated with smart cinematography. The objective of the project is to produce videos that allow the company’s message to be successfully communicated to the desired target market.

Closes – 27 Feb, 201

Find out more and apply:…

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