Guest Lecture on Japanese Business Etiquette

The Department of Asian Studies hosted a guest lecture in April 2017 which focused on Japanese business culture for students enrolled in the Negotiating Asia undergraduate course. Through this course students are provided with knowledge of the cultural aspects and business practices of Asia, with a view to developing effective communication and negotiation skills relating to the region. The course considers the ways cultural differences are manifested, their origins and their consequences in language, social interaction, business, government and diplomacy.

The guest lecture was provided by University of Adelaide graduate Dr Paul Smith. The lecture exposed students to the key characteristics of Japanese business culture and etiquette, and topics included cross-cultural communication, relationship development, meeting practices and Japanese management philosophy.

Following his undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide, Paul lived in Japan for several years where he completed postgraduate studies in Engineering at Kyoto University. In presenting the lecture, Paul drew on his 25 years’ experience of living, working and doing business in Japan. Paul now runs a Japanese-style firm of lean consultants, Shinka Management, specialising in Japanese management practices such as lean manufacturing.

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