I-MELT: International Conference on Models of Engaged Learning & Teaching Conference 2017

It is less than two weeks before the due date of short paper submission for presentations, workshops and posters at the International Conference on Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching.

Event: December 11 – 13 2017

I-MELT delegates are interested in diverse approaches, including your own adaptation, use, evaluation and/or critique informed by the Models of Engaged Learning and Teaching. MELT have been emerging spontaneously from the Research Skill Development (RSD ) framework, as people adapt its terminology to fit their own contexts, for example the Work Skill Development framework for WIL, Optimising Problem Solving Pentagon for Engineering, or Clinical Reflection Skills framework for working directly with patients (see Numerous MELT have emerged over the past year, and so the conference will be an opportunity to learn about and celebrate diverse articulations and configurations of MELT, and a variety of ways of using these models that share core conceptual parameters. If you use any of the above models or have adapted your own MELT, consider submitting a short paper.

With a Research Stream and a Practice Stream, there will be opportunities to learn how others have employed MELT face-to-face, in blended-mode and fully online, in laboratories, clinical environments, field and literature-orientated, including engagement in standard subjects and with employers, in industries, schools and other communities.

Some accepted short papers will be invited to submit a full paper for a Special Issue of the Journal of Teaching and Learning Practice:

Research Skill Development spanning Higher Education: Connections, critiques and curricula. In addition to I-MELT papers, a call for Expressions of Interest has gone out for this special issue of JUTLP.

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