PhD student Kelly McKinley wins Research Award to investigate public attitudes on GM foods

Congratulations to PhD student Kelly McKinley, Dept. of History, School of Humanities, who is the joint winner of the Australian Academy of Science 2018 Moran Research Award for the History of Science Research, for her research investigating the history of activism and public attitudes in Australia towards genetic modification science in agriculture and food production.

“The Award provides me with funding that I’ll use to do some archival research, which is an honor.

As part of a larger, ARC Discovery Project (with Professor Rachel Ankeny and Dr Heather Bray) documenting the history of genetic modification (GM) technologies and science in food and agriculture in Australia, my PhD research explores the nature of public response to and activism around this complex and highly-disputed topic in Australia, from the 1970s to the present.

I hope that through my work looking at public engagement with the issues and concerns raised by GM, I will make a contribution to other current and future debates over science and technology in contested domains, as well as to the historical narrative more generally.”



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