PUBLIC LECTURE Water Thinking: Caring for Oceans and Sharing Connections in a Time of Climate Crisis

Dr Jenny Newell (Australian Museum) will give a lecture on Water Thinking: Caring for Oceans and Sharing Connections in a Time of Climate Crisis.

While we are all intimately immersed on the cellular level, rely on water for sustenance, and often think with fluid metaphors, people in the world’s watery regions, such as the Pacific, live and think yet more intimately with water. With islands creat-ed and connected by the ocean, ongoing flows of navigated histories and ancestral power, water in the Pacific is a unifying medium, interconnecting living, non-living, and intangible things, providing undercurrents of personal and community identity, and the stage for surges of political action.

Focusing on voices from the Marshall Islands, Samoa and Tahiti, I will explore how people in the region think about and living with their climate-changing bodies of water. Water is encroaching, disappearing or altering its nature, in lagoons, on ocean shores, streambeds, water lenses and wells. Pacific Islanders are increasingly communicating their understandings of people and water and their practices of care – locally and globally, through face-to-face and digital conversation, performance, image and writing.

It is clear that, as the West’s compartmentalized, exploitative paradigms continue to enable the mounting disasters of the Anthropocene.When:

When: 14th September 2017, 5:45pm

Where: Hartley Concert Room, University of Adelaide

Visit the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice website or view event flyer here for more information.


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